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By | November 10, 2013

Sony CX260V reviewsDevelop amazingly beautiful 1920x1080p Full HD video with the Sony CX260V video camera. Take the shake out of your movies with Optical SteadyShot image stabilization with Active Mode. Back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor offers exceptional low light capabilities while the broad angle G lens lets you get more in your shot. receiver immediately adjusts your camcorder’s clock to the correct time area. Connection: Outputs 1x USB 2.0 (built-in USB cable television),1 x HDMI C (Mini), 1x A/V and Microphone Input: Yes.

What’s in the box:

  • Sony CX260V High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Black),
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack,
  • AC Adapter, Power Cord,
  • AV Connecting Cable,
  • HDMI Cable (Full to Mini),
  • USB Connection Support Cable (Built-In) and
  • 1-Year Limited Parts & 90-Day Labor Warranty.


Customers had this to say about the Sony CX260V:.


Best non-professional cam for the cash.


After investing hours researching about this video camera, I bought it due to the fact that I chose it was the finest. Now that I have used it for several months, I know for myself. Why? A number of reasons.

1. The image quality was my # 1 concern and the Sony CX260V doesn’t disappoint. Indoors, the quality is certainly even more than acceptable, however outdoors is where it truly jumps out at you. Color was impressive and there was absolutely no blurriness, fuzziness or grain. It’s truly as excellent as it can get.

2. The picture mode is really beneficial and more than just an included attribute. In 8.9 mp, the quality was better than expected (outdoors a minimum of).

3. The touchscreen interface is simple to comprehend and people with steep learning curves will adjust without difficulty. Likewise, the physical buttons on the video camera are couple of in number, with just the most secondhand and most logical functions being present; everything else is managed one action at a time on the touchscreen.

4. I thought that the GPS function would just be a software application gadget that didn’t actually do anything, but it is nothing brief of amazing. I stay in Ukraine, so normally I got it shipped right here. When I charged up the Sony CX260V video camera and looked at the GPS section, I saw that the map said I was in New York, most likely the location where the camera was manufactured. I told the GPS to revitalize itself and went outside. The cam raised a satellite map and began linking with neighboring satellites. When it gotten in touch with 4 of them (after about 2 minutes) I got a specific map of where I was full with collaborates and exact date and time. The map might zoom method in and I was surprised to also find that not just were the names of areas written in the regional language, but the little, nearly nameless street that I lived on was present on the map! Nice.

5. The projector is worth every cent of the additional $100 you require to pay for that choice. It is extremely clear and the colors are almost as good as on the LCD display itself. It’s a fantastic means to reveal others the videos you simply took. The projector is just a few lumens however, so normally it works better the less light there is.

6. An additional cool attribute, the Sony CX260V camera takes pictures when someone on the screen smiles, wonderful for catching moments that you would have missed otherwise. Likewise, you can play a video in slow-motion and then capture an image from it as a separate picture.

Now for a few crucial notes.

I stand by my decision that this is the very best video camera out there for about $600, however that does not suggest there are things for the buyer to watch on.

Initially, there’s the battery. I think that Sony made an excellent option when stabilizing battery life and the size of the battery, however realistically talking, the majority of people will just get about an hour and a half of recording break of a full charge, and that is just if you prevent lots of playback, projector use, and standby time. You cannot truly grumble when you see exactly how small the battery is and exactly how big the LCD display is, but for those hoping for longer recording time, your best option is to buy the optional NP-FV70 battery like I did. It provides about two times the recording time and truthfully, is completely worth the extra $60. Just keep an eye out for the NP-FV100 battery pack: It’s almost half as thick as the entire Sony CX260V video camera.CX260V

The other thing is the memory. Sure, 16 GB seems like plenty, but by the time the maker formats the memory and the basic video camera software and satellite maps are on there, there has to do with 12.6 GB of space left. That’s appropriate, however if you like to tape-record in medium-high quality like I do, then you may wish to purchase a high-capacity high-speed SD card. If you wish to make excellent use of the GPS labeling function and the projector function, you virtually HAVE to get an SD card, since when you move your images and videos off the video camera, there is no chance to use the projector function and making use of the GPS function needs that you install their software and run all your information from there. I choose to record in high quality FH mode which enables full HD resolution, yet doesn’t take up as much area as the greater bit rate FX mode. Not just that, but it’s the greatest quality mode that still permits synchronized photo taking and recording; anything higher and you need to quit tape-recording to be able to take an image. In FH mode, you can record for 1 hour and 43 minutes. By the method, do not trouble recording in 60p PS mode unless you have a high-speed solid-state hard disk drive to put it on. Otherwise the footage will look jerky on your computer. Difficult disks are too sluggish to adequately process such a complex image.

These notes aside, I think that the Sony CX260V cam is perfect except for a somewhat squeaky sounding LCD display (update: it went away after a little while.) I’m sure it’s nothing more than a small problem special to this one video camera that I got. Oh, and still images taken inside typically look rough even in 8.9 mp; keep in mind that if quality is essential, the video camera function should NEVER change a seprate still-image video camera.

If you are looking for a video camera that has excellent video quality and a bunch of cool features without large size or an eye-watering cost, the Sony CX260V is definitely it.

Outstanding Camera.

Recently while preparing for a journey to Africa, I bought an entry level Samsung camcorder. I was exceptionally disappointed in both image quality and total functionality. In reality, I did not even take it to Africa, as it provided no benefit over the video camera functionality built into my Canon Elf digital camera.

So, I was extremely delighted about the possibility to get this greater end Sony CX260V Camcorder. After my experience with the Samsung, I came into the offer somewhat cynical. After investing time with this Sony CX260V, I have actually ended up being a true believer. In this review, I will concentrate on the things I liked about this cam, as compared to the entry level video cameras I have utilized in the past.

Initially, the camera is easy to use. I was able to get going with it without reviewing the instructions. I believe that a well designed product must be intuitive, and not require directions. This cam receives high marks in this area. I got all features working without the handbook.

Second, the quality of the video was exceptionally great. The Sony CX260V camera focuses well, and the images are great and have excellent contrast.

Now, some of the things that were pleasant surprises compared with my other video cameras. I was happy to see that there was no detectable “sound” from auto focus or zoom motor. In all my other cams, you can hear an annoying buzz as you readjust zoom, or as the cam focuses. This cam is totally quiet, and the videos do not have the irritating hum.

Next, I was happy to see the Sony CX260V camera has jacks for an external microphone. In some applications there is no replacement for a pretty good external microphone, and this cam works with industry conventional microphones.

I was likewise pleased with the wind reduction technology. I took several videos in reasonably high wind, and the wind sound was not noticeable in the video.

The camera featured all the needed cables, and the remote.

Lastly, the jaw dropping surprise. I had expected the projector to be little more than a novelty and possibly even an annoyance. I was surprised to see that the developed in projector is in fact useful. In a regular space light, you can utilize the projector for 8X10 projection. In a darkened space, you can project a Big and Bright movie. In addition, the playback speakers offered suitable sound, specifically considering their little size.

Overall, I am BLOWN AWAY by the Sony CX260V cam. If you examine my testimonials, you will see I am a picky reviewer, and am commonly disappointed with gadgetry. Not in this case. You will not be dissatisfied with this camera, and it is worth every cent of the price.

I am now preparing for another journey to Africa, and the CX260V video camera will absolutely make it to the carry bag. I will be going to the Mattaw Orphan Village and can wait to take video of the children, and afterwards forecast the videos for them to see.


While I’ve yet to use this product sufficiently to review all its features, I felt obliged to warn potential purchasers about the fact that Amazon misleadingly aggregates testimonials for at least two various models– the HDR-CX260V and HDR-PJ260V.

While the 2 are nearly similar, the PJ260V contains an additional built-in projector for watching your motion pictures without should attach the camcorder to a TV or laptop computer. Amazon utilizes the same product description for both, nevertheless, and uses the exact same testimonials to both models.

For that reason, unless you have a sharper eye than I, it’s entirely possible to look for the CX260V, then check out a variety of testimonials describing the product’s projector; and end up incorrectly buying the CX260V instead of the PJ260V.

As I see from a minimum of one of the other remarks to comments, additionally, I’m not alone in doing this. As such, if you want the projector, see to it you select the more pricey PJ260V and not the CX260V.

While it’s not a deal breaker for me and I’m unsure the projector is worth the money, it would have been nice to have made the choice with full knowledge of the difference.


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