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By | November 11, 2013

Lumix FZ200 ReviewPanasonic Lumix FZ200 12.1 MP Digital Camera with CMOS Sensor and 24x Optical Zoom – Black as assessed by consumers:.

The best Super Zoom I have actually discovered.

Bottom line:.

The Lumix FZ200 is the very best mix of functions and image quality I have discovered. I offered the cam 5 stars because it is the finest Super Zoom I have actually found up until now and I don’t mean to suggest it is much better than any other class of camera. It is not low-cost however is well worth the price I paid for it. It is a real caretaker.


I have actually taken a couple hundred photos with the FZ200 in the last few weeks and discovered this to be the camera I have been looking for. It will be even more than a couple of years before I feel the should upgrade once again.

I compared the FZ200 with the following cameras I have actually used:.

1) Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ28.

2) Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100.

3) Canon SX40.

4) Canon Rebel T3i Not actually a reasonable contrast however utilized it as a high water mark for the FZ200 to try for.

Lumix FZ200 ReviewNow for exactly what I such as about the Lumix FZ200:.

1) The 25 to 600mm f2.8 Leica lens: I discover that the 24x lens sufficient reach for my demands. I discovered no aberrations from the lens. Possibly you can find some with instruments however I couldn’t find any. Simply as vital is the f2.8 across the whole focal length. It allows you to go out to 600mm and take sharp subject and blurred background. It likewise aids with reduced light shots and keeping the iso lower.

2) Photo quality: Color saturation was excellent as was sharpness so pictures seemed natural. It is as excellent or better than the other digital cams I have utilized. One reviewer stated he saw a blue window tint on outdoor pictures and a red window tint in flash photos. I saw none of that but I did have my video camera readied to surroundings when taking outdoor pictures so perhaps there was a white balance change with that function. You can see photo examples in the evaluation pointed out above.

3) Burst Speed: It’s 12 frames per second burst is extremely quickly but I make more use of the 5.5 fps. At 5.5 fps the specifications state it goes to 200 images at one time but I haven’t gone that far yet.Lumix FZ200 Review

4) Low light efficiency: It has actually really enhanced. The pictures I took in a dimly lit space turned out surprisingly well. It looks like it considers in addition to I perform in reduced light. Normally, noise becomes worse as the iso goes up however even at iso 1600 the pics are sort of OK if you do not view over 8 x 10. I now take indoor photos without flash many of the time with great results.

5) Design: It feels actually great in my hands. It has room for all my fingers and not unsteady.

6) Video: If you like video you will love this camera. It is so much better than video cameras like the Canon SX40. Lots of choices up to complete 1080P 60 fps. Focus is fast and precise. Zoom is smooth, peaceful and the stabilization makes hand held scenes very stable. Unless you are a major cinematographer you will have no need for a devoted video cam. In MP4 it is restricted to 30 minute scenes however you can go to 4 hours AVCHD. It even has a 3D mode however I haven’t used it.

7) Viewfinder: The viewfinder resolution is outstanding providing a very clear view for composition. I wear reading glasses so a pretty good viewfinder is essential.

8) Tons of cool functions I haven’t had an opportunity to use yet.

Exactly what I do not like:.

1) I want it cost less.

If your interested in my cam experience:.

I am an amateur but have wanted photography for years. I bought my first SLR in the 60’s and my first digital video camera (1MP) in 1997 and have actually been buying a new digital about every other year since then.

My first Panasonic was the Lumix DMC FZ28 which I found to be the very best for its time and still use it today. I then acquired the Pansonic Lumix DMC – FZ100 because of the fantastic experience with the FZ28 but image quality was a dissatisfaction.

I decided I required to get a much better camera so I acquired the 12MP Canon SX40HS because of the longer lens but ended up returning it. It had not been a bad cam however I found that the image stabilization broke down at optimal focal length unless I might keep the shutter speed very quick. The photos were sharp however colors a bit less saturated than I such as and the body construction feeling less strong than the Panasonic.

I examined out the Panasonic FZ 150 due to the fact that of all the fantastic evaluations and chose to purchase it however held off when I heard about a brand-new Panasonic coming out in August.

Lumix FZ200 ReviewThe Lumix FZ200 cost a bit more than FZ 150 however I think it is well worth it. My better half has a DSLR 18MP Canon Rebel T3i and we have actually taken the exact same shot and compared the images. They are really similar with the T3i much better in resolution as expected due to the much large sensor which also makes it much more competent in reduced light.

Why a Super Zoom:.

If this is the first time you are thinking about an extremely zoom it might be useful to know why I bought one when we have a perfectly pretty good DSLR.

For fast snaps we have a rather pocket video camera or we utilize the 8 MP phone camera. They are OKAY but do not have flexibility.

DSLRs are high quality however to take a trip with them, even on a day trip we have to hold a considerable camera bag to carry the cam and a couple of lenses. Forget a long telephoto, they are too pricey (Canon 600mm cost about $13K) and too heavy (unless you are a pro and afterwards I do not think you are reading my review).

There is a group of moderate zoom cams that are a little too big to insinuate a pocket however smaller sized and less zoom than the super zoom. My thinking is that if it does not fit in my pocket I want all the zoom I require. A very zoom like the FZ200 gives you the flexibility to take photos of individuals smiling on couches to birds in a tree throughout a field.

For travel, the zoom and selection from point and shoot to complete handbook in a compact plan makes it the very best travel video camera possible.

I hope this review proves helpful. I constantly review evaluations prior to I buy and I wanted to provide back.

Update: I have actually been making use of the Lumix FZ200 cam considering that October and I am just as pleased as I was when I purchased it. There are many reviews on the cam now so there is plenty advice to get. Lumix FZ200 Review

For those who check out mine, I just wished to point something out that would have made my decision easier had it been available. If you look through my remarks you will discover one composed by Antonio M. Magalhaes referring to a series of YouTube tutorials on the FZ200 By Graham Houghton.(for the free tutorials click HERE🙂 Besides explaining how you can utilize the camera it likewise goes over most of the features. This series is a genuine gold mine and Panasonic ought to purchase them and include with each camera offered.

Love it!

So far a fantastic cam! I am a beginner and still learning the best ways to use it, but I enjoy it. My boyfriend is learning with me and loves it also. We have a big trip turning up, so I’m very delighted to take the Lumix FZ200 with us!

Delighted photographer.

I am still learning how you can use the Lumix FZ200 but among my primary goal is capturing my grand son’s football and basketball games. I utilize the zoom a lot and I formerly had problems with the quality of the images specifically when the children were running, after a couple of tries I figured ways to take close up pictures, while they were moving, and I am very happy with the outcome.

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