Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Review

By | December 26, 2014

Koolertron Canvas Camera BagThe Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag is a distinct bag that is made out of high quality cotton canvas. Although the fabric has a soft texture it is very strong which ensures that you can carry your expensive photographic equipment in comfort around in a highly durable bag.

This is a kind of back pack which is quite basic in with regards to the compartments inside and it has a lid and straps to ensure that the equipment that is inside the bag are protected and safe while it is still in the bag.

A bag without compartments are basically of no use whilst a bag with compartments not only protect your equipment from damaging each other, you also have quick acces to the item you need which makes it very convenient.

The manufacturer of the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag has made a huge improvement to include quite a variety of compartments in this product. This is the number one reason why it is highly favored by especially travel photographers when they go on their trips and expeditions
Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Features

This is the kind of camera bag that is liked by photographers and travellers because it has 2 distinct compartments. One is on the upper part of the bag which is mostly used to pack items in that could need when you are going on a trip. Such items could be food, clothes and other personal requirements that you might need whilst on your trip or expedition.

The lower compartment found at the bottom of the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag is often used to safely and securely pack your camera equipment that you would like to take with on your journey.

Because the two departments can be separated from each other it makes this bag even more unique. The separation is achieved by the design where the lower compartment can be removed from the upper one with a link provided, which then allows the lower compartment to be used a shoulder bag or a handbag


  • It is clear now that this kind of bag has a distinct style.
  • This is because of the way it is made and designed.
  • It also has a large variety of options with regards to the capacity to store objects, items and equipment.
  • This is obvious from the 2 major compartments.
  • It serves lots of functions as it could be a backpack as well as a shoulder or a handbag when the easy modifications are used.
  • It comes with a rain shield which can act as an umbrella for your bag should you have a rainy journey.


Because it is thought of to be a camera bag, there is no space to add a tripod which is an essential piece of equipment for photographers who want to take quality photos thus making the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Bag inefficient inn that regard.

Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera customer reviews

Regardless of the small disadvantage of not having the space to hold a tripod, the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera bag, or back pack or shoulder bag or Rucksack for Sony, Canon, Nikon, or Olympus continues to be a favourite by lots of travellers/tourists who really want to transport their camera or video camera equipment in a safe and secure way.

“I really LOVE the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera bag bag! There is a lot more room that I expected and I do not have to worry about my camera! I can literally carry anything I would need in this bag because there are so many pockets.”

“This backpack has a very nice design – it has e a lot of different compartments, which makes organizing on trips easy and useful. I will definitely recommend it.”


As the Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera bag is rated 4.6 out of 5 Stars and with plenty of room for traveller requirements it is highly recommended for the adventuress photographer that prefers to go trips to capture that special photos they dream of. You can get your Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera bag by clicking this link


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