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By | October 24, 2013

Fuji S4200 FinePix Digital CameraThe Fujifilm FinePix S4200 is an affordable 24x optical zoom bridge camera. It likewise offers a modest 14 megapixel resolution, 3 inch LCD display, direct internet upload center and HD video capability. Couple that with the 2cm macro and handbook controls and the outcome is an extremely flexible camera for all scenarios. But rather does the image quality match the excellent technical specification? In our professional testimonial, we intend to discover. Magnificently priced the Fuji S4200 is readily available in red, black and white.

It’s nice to obtain a camera with some meat on it every once in a while. If there’s one thing Fujifilm have constantly had the ability to do, it’s make a chunky bridge camera and the Fuji S4200 certainly continues that trend.

The exterior of the camera is strewed with buttons, switches and dials. On the top is a mix of what you ‘d normally discover on top of a bridge camera – such as the shutter launch with zoom rocker surround, power switch and command dial– and some other bits that aren’t such as the face detection button and continuous shooting modes.

The command dial is a big affair with great deals of modes on it, so you’ll find plenty to do. Along with the manual PASM modes, there’s also a Custom-made button and a few Car functions such as Scene modes, Panorama and video. Next to this is a button with an F on it. The F stands for FinePix and is the Fuji S4200‘s fast menu location.

On the back, the Fuji S4200 is dominated by the large LCD display. Nowadays, it’s simple to stick the camera out at arms length and begin shooting. The Fuji S4200 has an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF), so if you want to, you can switch over to shooting like you’re using a DSLR. It will assist secure the heavy front end as it frees the left hand to put under the lens and offer support.

To make use of the EVF, press the EVF/LCD button that is sat next to the viewfinder. A little collection of buttons sits to the right of the display. They access a variety of functions from exposure compensation to playback and screen display choices.

The Fuji S4200 has a built-in flash for those hard-to-light places. It flops over the lens barrel when not in use and can be flipped up by pushing the flash button on the left side of the camera. The right button of the nav pad on the back will open flash choices for you, but rather only when the flash is activated.

The lens is a Fujinon Super EBC lens with a 24x optical zoom range. That’s 4.3-103.2 mm or 24-576mm in 35mm terms. The zoom is run by the aforementioned zoom rocker that’s wrapped around the shutter launch. This is probably the most practical method to utilize the zoom if it’s not by hand operated by turning the lens barrel. In fact, if it had not been for the rate point being so low, the Fuji S4200 would have truly profited from a manual zoom ring merely because it gives a lot more accuracy dealing with over the zoom.

In spite of the plastic covering, the Fuji S4200‘s body certainly feels well made. From the smooth leading plate to the synthetic leather effect on the grip, back and sides. There are a variety of locations that provide the camera an indication of its construct quality. Namely, the HDMI socket cover on the side of the camera is a flimsy rubber, the tripod shrub is plastic and while we would not mark the camera down for utilizing AA batteries, the door has to be more resilient and we fret about the longevity on the Fuji S4200. It has a great deal of pressure on it while the camera has batteries filled

The Fuji S4200 has 2 menus. The smallest is the FinePix menu which is accessed by pushing the “F” button on the top of the camera. It gives access to the ISO, resolution and FinePix color (basic, chrome or black & white).

Pressing the Menu button on the back can likewise open the exact same attributes together with a lot more such as Image quality, white-balance, sharpness, photometry (metering), AF modes and face recognition. Pressing left in this menu, will permit you to skip to the Set-up menu as they’re set out like tabs. This menu holds access to even more core attributes of the camera such as date & time, language, volume, LCD setups, red-eye removal, blink detection and loads of other features. In fact, there’s 5 pages of modes to search through, so if you have a slow day, you can occupy a while having a look at them.

From cold, the Fuji S4200 can launch, focus and take a photo in a little over 3 seconds. This is slightly slower than various other digital compact cameras which offer an average rate of around 2.5 seconds. Nevertheless, the power switch tends to slow things down and the camera takes a minute to recover from the effort of turning on before it will focus and take a picture. While half a 2nd isn’t really a time frame that you need to shake a stick at, in photography terms, it can be make or break.

There are a variety of constant shooting modes on the Fuji S4200 which are accessed by pushing the burst mode button on the grip just behind the shutter release. The Extended period mode in the middle of the ticker style menu is the constant however after a fairly fast start, it kind of plods along slowing to a shot every three seconds. In a 10 2nd period, we took 8 shots in total. It takes 3 images in the first 2nd or so, prior to it reduces as the buffer fills.

There’s Top6 which will take six continuous, uniformly spread images before stopping. You can’t take more and it takes an age to download them onto the card. Final6 will constantly take pictures as long as you hold the button down however only records the last six taken after you eliminate your finger from the shutter release. Shutter lag is around the standard time of 0.08 sec.

When evaluating your photos, the Fuji S4200 will provide the images complete display by default. You can see more of them by using the zoom switch and “zooming out”. There are a variety of various means of looking at the images. Zooming out as soon as brings up a scrolling design similar to Windows’ Aero function on Vista. Zoom out once more and there’s a cascade style to make use of. From there, you get thumbnails.

Press the Menu button and the Playback menu turns up. It has a tabbed design and has a white background and black lettering style (the same as the primary menu) however with a blue highlight to differentiate a different menu. There’s bunches of things to do in here such as develop a Photo book, search for images, remove or mark them for upload to YouTube or Facebook. You can also create a slide-show if you want. There’s really standard editing functions such as crop, re-size or rotate. Interestingly, you can also remove any face acknowledgment information. Although, we cannot think about a reason why you ‘d should.

In the box

  • Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera
  • 4 x AA Type Alkaline Batteries
  • Shoulder Strap,
  • USB-A/V Cable,
  • Lens Cap and Lens Cap Cord,
  • CD-ROM and
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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