Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera Review

By | December 26, 2014

Nikon D7100  The Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Camera is the camera you should try if you do not want to use those budget cameras that have poor quality and if you want to take great photos. The Nikon D7100 is extremely budget friendly and a step up from the Nikon D31oo and other similar cameras.

The Nikon D7100 includes a DX-format image sensor and can shoot up 6 frames second and as much as 100 continuous shots. The ISO range varies from 100 to 6400 and you can also make 1080p videos. Includes is a full-time autofocus and built-in stereo mic.

With the D7100 you will take sharp, crisp and clear images in a variety of light conditions or environments. With the fast autofocus and the high speed shooting you will be able to take those action shots that you never thought you will be able to.

Nikon is a multinational optics and imaging business with its head office found in Tokyo. Nikon is better known for its lenses, cameras, binoculars and other optical equipment. The business was started in 1917 and they actually supplied Cannon with their very first optical lenses. Nikon’s goal is to create the best technology and meet the needs of their clients and they always aim to surpass expectations.

Idea For Those With Little Photography Experience

The Nikon D7100 does a remarkable job of taking terrific pictures on the automatic settings. If you have a bit of experience it will benefit you for then you can adjust the settings for the ultimate shot.

“The Nikon D7100 has plenty of uses for both inexperienced and experienced photographers. The camera is an impressive and excellent piece of equipment, and I enjoyed the upgrade from my old p90. With so many controllable functions it means that the camera’s shooting capabilities will last a lot longer, as you learn more about photography.”

Amazing Pictures, Incredible Camera.

The Nikon D7100 is an incredible small camera that will take gorgeous photos anywhere you are. It is light enough to carry with you and you’ll have a blast discovering ways to take the finest shots for any situation.

“So far I have had lots of fun finding out how to use it. The D7100 camera switches on almost immediately and the camera body fits well in my hands. The weight is where it ought to be; it lets you know you are utilizing a near prosumer camera. The pictures are detailed and crisp before any post-production in Lightroom 5.”

Excellent Value For Money.

This D7100 camera package is not the cheapest available however it’s still much less expensive than those professional ones. What you get with this is a near-professional camera at an incredibly affordable price..

“Outstanding value for money! The images are crystal clear and the quality of the item is more than expected! This bundle is worth every penny!”.

Some Features.

24.1 megapixed DX-format image sensor.

Shoot up to six frames a second for up to 100 continuous shots.

ISO variets from 100 to 6400.

1080p videos with built-in stereo mic and full-time autofocus .

Customers Comments

Customers find the Nikon D7100 extremely easy to use and are very impressed with the quality of the body and pictures. They say it takes gorgeous images and the settings are really simple to adjust so it is good for those who wish to learn a bit more about manual photography.

“Brilliant camera. Nikon has actually tuned up the D7000 in every area you would anticipate, and a few you would not expect. The D7000 is an excellent camera which offers improvements across the board. It has a much better weather-sealed body, much better ergonomics, more resolution, improved color, no AA filter, a few more AF points, , a headphone jack, a 1.3 X crop mode, 60P frame rate and on screen audio levels. And Oh, did I mention…. it is SHARP SHARP SHARP?”.

“If you need an EXCELLENT camera in the $1200 range, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! Buy the Nikon D7100, but very important, READ THE MANUAL, use a fast, highly-rated memory card, a top quality lens, and don’t look back!”.


The customer reviews speak for themselves. If you’re looking for an excellent DSLR camera and need something to take professional quality images, Nikon D7100 24.1 MP camera is for you. For the best price on the Nikon D7100 click this link.

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