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By | November 11, 2013

D3200 Nikon ReviewDon’t let the D3200 Nikon‘s compact size and price fool you– stuffed inside this simple to utilize HD-SLR is major Nikon power: a 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor that stands out in any light, EXPEED 3 image-processing for fast operation and imaginative in-camera impacts, Full HD (1080p) movie recording, in-camera tutorials and far more.

Exactly what does this mean for you? Merely magnificent pictures and videos in any setting. And now, with Nikon’s optional Wireless Mobile Adapter, you can share those work of arts instantaneously with your Smartphone or tablet easily.



Provided Accessories:

  • EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery,
  • MH-24 Quick Charger,
  • EG-CP14 Audio/Video Cable,
  • UC-E6 USB Cable,
  • DK-20 Rubber Eyecup,
  • AN-DC3 Camera Strap,
  • DK-5 Eyepiece Cap,
  • BF-1B Body Cap,
  • BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cover and
  • Nikon View NX CD-ROM.

1-Year Nikon U.S.A. Warranty.


Read exactly what customers say why you have to buy the D3200 Nikon DSLR Camera

Solid entertainer for the price

I just actually acquired the D3200 Nikon as a studio camera. Do not need AF performance for that, nor high ISO’s, however do require fantastic resolution. So, with nervousness and reserve, I decided to attempt this one. I am originating from D700‘s, D3’s, D7k‘s and various other as my point of reference. I shoot for a living.

The excellent of the D3200 Nikon:.D3200 Nikon Review

Resolution is excellent, especially when combined with the 40mm macro from Nikon. I have actually shot a few hundred shots now and am extremely happy in that regard. The menus are easy enough that you can work them out if you currently understand Nikon’s systems for menus.

AF efficiency is terrific for this sort of body. Using my 17-55 with it, I might get focus just slightly slower that with the D7000. I tried in lower light to see how that worked, and while you can inform it was slower, it was excusable.

Every shot I have actually taken bar one (black dog in a dark space), was in focus as intended. So, AF benefits this kind of body. I like the layout of the controls too, everything was where it was anticipated to be.

The bad of the D3200 Nikon:.

Small body implies uncomfortable grip. However, that is exactly what was expected, so I do not truly think this is a “bad” for this cam. I expect an individual with smaller hands will extensively be delighted in that aspect.

Lenses (all but smaller sized ones) are front heavy and fell off balance. Pop a 70-200 VR on this and it is ridiculous unless you carry/hold it by the lens mostly.

Finally, there is no AF fine tune, but … I have actually not discovered the requirement on even among the lenses I will use it with to make any modifications, so excusable a thing.


Get a D3200 Nikon if you desire it for landscape, low speed pictures (esp households) or for product/architecture. I extremely advise it.

D3200 Nikon ReviewOutrageous Camera for the Price !!

I was intending on acquiring a Nikon D7000, but then discovered out about the D3200 Nikon cam. Reading on the Nikon Review site, it appears that the D7000 may be replaced with a greater MP sensor (24.2 – exact same as the D3200 Nikon) at some point this fall.

Not wanting to wait, I thought I ‘d give the D3200 Nikon a try. I still needed to wait a bit, however lastly got one from Amazon for an excellent price.

The D3200 Nikon is NOT a toy !! It is a major piece of camera gear, and if you hang around getting to understand all it can do, it will settle handsomely with unbelievable pictures. I would likewise suggest getting an excellent Digital Image Management program to obtain the most out of your pictures (I’m making use of Adobe LightRoom 3).

Doing some test shots with the D3200 Nikon, those extra Mega Pixels DO count, if you know what you are doing. My brother-in-law (who just bought a Nikon D800 for around $3,000 with no lens) was amazed at a shot I took at 6000×4000 JPG resolution, hand-held with readily available light at 1/20th of a second with the “stock” lens that has the cam.

You can blow the photo approximately 36″ and still not see any blur! You can get even HIGHER quality photos by shooting in RAW format … Exposure bracketing is the only thing missing, IMO, however if they threw that in NOBODY would buy the D5100 or D7000 – it’s that excellent.

P.S. Make sure you get a HIGH Quality memory card to go with this camera. I got the SanDisk Extreme 32GB 45MB/s SDHC Flash Memory Card (from Amazon, obviously) and it’s an excellent combination for burst shooting or HD Video use.

Great cam.

The D3200 Nikon is a good cam for the cash. The images are “great” with the stock lens. Mind you if you want to make the financial investment into some aftermarket lenses, this camera rocks big time!

I have included an actually good Nikkor 40mm lens that takes remarkable images compared with the stock lens. If you want a step up from the point and shoot world – the stock lens is fantastic for taking those kinds of photos. The nice thing is you can invest into much better lenses as well as take some really terrific shots !!

From the Manufacturer.

Take your pictures and videos to the next level. Unrivaled 24.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor for truly stunning photos and Full HD 1080p films in any light. Innovative Guide Mode to help you understand the camera. HD-SLR power; point-and-shoot ease.

Take your images and videos to the next level.

24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 3.

Why do photos and videos shot with a Nikon HD-SLR look so good? It all starts with Nikon’s unique image sensors, and the D3200 Nikon has the most effective CMOS sensor we’ve ever put in a HD-SLR at this level. Flaunting a remarkable 24.2 reliable megapixels, it captures sharper, richer images– even in low light. Integrate that with EXPEED 3 image processing, the processing power behind the well-known Nikon D4, for super-fast operation, remarkable image capture, in-camera filter impacts and more. Your photos and videos will astonish even you.

Master the cam merely by utilizing it.

Guide Mode ensures success.

It’s never been simpler to create HD-SLR quality pictures, thanks to the D3200 Nikons Guide Mode. Learn the camera’s secret attributes and controls while you shoot, as well as get suggestions and sample images to succeed in tough shooting circumstances. Guide Mode is simple to access and easy to comprehend. You’re never shooting alone with the D3200 Nikon.

Capture the very best of every scene.

6 Scene Modes and Scene Auto Selector.

Experienced photographers optimize their camera setups for the scene they’re shooting. With the D3200 Nikon, optimizing your camera setups is as easy as turning a dial. Select from six usual Scene Modes like Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Close up and more, for perfect outcomes even in requiring circumstances. When using Live View, Scene Auto Selector immediately sets the D3200 Nikon for the most ideal Scene Mode for the scenario. An extremely accurate 420-pixel RGB sensor powers Nikon’s Scene Recognition System, which compares scene data versus a comprehensive database to optimize the shot appropriately.

Produce cinema-quality HD videos.

One-touch Full HD 1080p motion picture recording with stereo sound.

Nikon is dedicated to developing HD-SLRs that are not just superlative still image cams, but superlative camera, too. With a touch of a button, the D3200 Nikon begins tape-recording Full HD 1080p video with full-time auto focus, manual exposure control and stereo sound. Its awesome 921,000-dot, ultra-high-resolution screen makes it simple to frame, keep track of and evaluate your video footage. Even record in super-smooth sluggish movement up to 60 fps! Unleash your inner cinematographer.

Get a new view of your world.

Versatile AF-S Zoom-NIKKOR 18-55mm.

Nikon’s renowned NIKKOR lenses have long been the option of pros and major photographers. Wonders of clarity, consistency, accuracy and dependability, they draw peak efficiency from Nikon HD-SLRs. The D3200 Nikon comes equipped with the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-55mm, a flexible, high performance VR image supported lens. And when you’re prepared to expand your system and extend your imagination, you’ll have your selection of over 70 fabulous NIKKOR lenses.

Quickly and precise shooting.D3200 Nikon Review

The D3200 Nikon‘s 11-point Auto focusing System is as quickly as it is exact. Check your focus points, track your subject or shoot carefree right from the viewfinder. And when the action accelerates, merely purpose, hold down the shutter and fire off approx. 4 fps at 24.2 MP resolution.

Wi-Fi Connectivity– Now you can quickly get GREAT pictures on your smartphone.

Utilizing the WU-1a optional wireless mobile adapter you can now instantly send terrific images to your smartphone as well as utilize your smartphone to remotely catch images from your D3200 Nikon. With an easy to make use of app, now, when you cannot wait to share that excellent shot, you do not need to. Share it to your smartphone in an instant.

Compact, lightweight and durable.

Your D3200 Nikon is designed for comfort, intuitive use and longevity. Its compact, lightweight and rugged body puts vital controls at your fingertips. You’ll never ever think twice to bring along your D3200 Nikon.

Dramatic low-light pictures.

The D3200 Nikon‘s broad ISO array of 100 to 6400 enables for shooting in very low light without a flash or in very bright light with zoom, macro, taken care of focal length or broad aperture lenses. For severe low-light circumstances, set the ISO to Hi 1 and accomplish ISO 12800 equivalent sensitivity.

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