52MM Complete Graduated color Lens Filter Kit for NIKON DSLR Cameras Review

By | December 26, 2014

Color Lens Filter Kit for NIKON DSLR CamerasThe Nikon DSLR camera with complete graduated 52mm lens color distinctive filter kit (which includes D300S, D3000, D3100, D80, D90, D5000, D5100, and D7000) features graduated filters such grey and pink (neutral density), brown, purple, yellow, blue, green, red and orange as well as a premium microfiber Goja cloth for cleaning.

Undoubtedly, 52mm lenses work with this kit however you need to verify the lens thread size of your DSLR camera prior to making an order. The thread size is normally marked on the barrel of the lens or printed below the lens cap in a number that gives you a diameter (Ø) symbol preceding it. An example should be something like this: 52mm=Ø52 thread size.

52MM Complete Graduated Color Lens Filter Kit for NIKON DSLR Cameras Features

  • This kit has a brand-new 52mm professional lens rubber hood in a 3 in 1 collapsible design. Expect an extension to the full length so that it can also be used quite well with a telephoto lens and collapsing midway in order to give a much better opportunity for wide shots.
  • They completely collapse for easy, compact, and macro storage.
  • A metal screw kind of mount is a feature that allows easy attachment to a lens or filter and specifically designed safe, secure and tight fit without cross threading or wobbling.
  • An included double mount threaded screw make it possible for the attachment of filters, lens caps and other kinds of accessories upon the hood without the removal of it at first.
  • A lens hood addition assists to prevent flares, or light circles which accompany the images where a source of light is strong at the outer side of a frame.
  • The brand-new 52mm lens snap on cap is rather easy make use of and attaches real quickly to the front part of a camera lens, among protecting the delicate lens from scratches, dust and dirt.
  • For additional durability, they are made from the best impact plastic.
  • The graduated 52mm blue and orange color filters supply an unique steady transition of color for a smooth and soft blending result and also helps to give landscape and skin texture an extremely colourful touch.
  • Perfect if one really wants to transform the image’s mood.
  • The microfiber premium magic fiber cleaning cloth is ultra gentle and leaves absolutely no marks, scratches or streaks; safe to use for all your lenses.


  • They make fantastic gifts.
  • Fits all the cameras as promised.
  • Every filter is supplied in its own special case.
  • Above average quality.
  • The colors can be used in different ways for additional unusual effects.
  • It is a fun addition to any potential camera kit and excellent value for money.
  • Filters are fantastic for spicing up a dull and uninteresting grey sky overcast or plain |image.


  • It could take a while to actually use them all.


Currently there are 85 reviews on Amazon where of the users are awarding this graduated  lens color filter kit an excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars rating, so make sure that you have a look at the reviews at Amazon and see exactly what everybody is raving about.

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